Broad Exchange for Mutual Development: The TDG Yunet Delegation's Visit to Spain

Recently, the leadership of TDG Yunet, including Executive Director Gao Xuegong, Deputy General Manager Xu Kaida, and European Division Head Li Yuan, embarked on a European visit, culminating in a successful series of events in Spain.

This visit aimed to broaden international markets, enhance partnerships, and uncover new opportunities. Key to their agenda was inspecting sites for new energy projects. With its rich solar resources and supportive policies, Spain stands as a pivotal market in solar photovoltaic power generation. The delegation's on-site evaluations provided them with comprehensive insights into the technical and operational aspects of local solar projects, facilitating a deeper understanding of Spain's solar industry, market potential, and collaboration possibilities.

Aligning with the Chinese Embassy in Spain's Spring Festival celebrations, Yunet's team also visited the prestigious University of Zaragoza, engaging in meaningful dialogues with the local government and business leaders. A highlight was their discussion with Zaragoza's Mayor, Ms. Chueca. Ambassador Yao Jing underscored the desire to enrich Sino-Spanish relations, particularly in new energy and logistics, through enhanced cultural, educational, and economic exchanges, aiming to foster mutual growth and friendship between the two nations.

Zaragoza, a city rich in history, acts as a vital link for cultural exchanges and a thriving center for logistics and new energy sectors. The delegation's participation in the Confucius Institute and local Chinese community's Spring Festival events further solidified ties with Spain, setting a strong foundation for future renewable energy collaborations. Ambassador Yao's personal Spring Festival greetings to the University of Zaragoza added a heartfelt touch to these initiatives.

These business engagements are part of TDG Yunet's strategy to broaden its international impact, forge stronger partnerships, and explore new avenues for cooperation. By embracing a spirit of openness and mutual benefit, the company is poised to contribute significantly to the cultural, economic, and renewable energy sectors, fostering sustainable development and a brighter future for all involved. The delegation's presentation of cutting-edge renewable energy solutions highlights TDG Yunet's commitment to addressing global energy challenges, marking a step forward in sustainable progress and environmental stewardship.