Ue - Liquid Cooling Container
Ue - Liquid Cooling Container
Ue - Liquid Cooling Container
6058 * 2800 * 3100 mm/35T
Zero loss in DC parallel connection; reducing station heat management electricity usage by over 30%; liquid cooling heat management ensures battery longevity cycles, reducing LCOS by 20%, and increasing pure profit lifespan by over 3 years; large-capacity energy storage demand for single units saves auxiliary material costs.
Embedded peak shaving and valley filling, demand management, storage and charging control, and various operational control modes are applicable to almost all industrial and commercial application scenarios.
DC ALL IN ONE design, with simple basic construction and convenient installation; it can be connected to 690VAC AC grid; AC output can be directly connected to wind power and photovoltaic systems, and can also be boosted and integrated into high-voltage grids.
Utilize UE intelligent EMS for cloud-edge integrated management; equipped with a user-friendly customer interaction interface to adjust open parameters.
Performance Parameters
Model 186kW/372kWh 1860kW/3720kWh
◆ Battery Side Parameters
Cell Type 280Ah (LFP) 280Ah (LFP)
Battery PACK Capacity 46kWh 46kWh
Battery System Capacity 372kWh (1P8S) 3720kWh (10P8S)
Maximum Continuous Charge/Discharge Current 175A 1750A
Total Battery Voltage 1040-1518.4VDC 1040-1518.4VDC
◆ Grid-tie Parameters
Rated Power 186kW 1860kW
Maximum Operating Current 165A 1650A
Rated Grid Voltage 690VAC 690VAC
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz
Total Current Harmonic Distortion <3% (rated power) <3% (rated power)
Power Factor >0.99 (rated power) >0.99 (rated power)
Adjustable Power Factor Range -1 (leading) to 1 (lagging) -1 (leading) to 1 (lagging)
Maximum Efficiency 89% 89%