Stacked Design Reliable On-line monitoring faster installation
Simple and Convenient
Instant Monitoring
Highly adaptable
Stacked modular design, 5kWh-60kWh flexible expansion. Wiring-free and lightweight installation saves time and effort
Real-time monitoring and support for remote operations and upgrades
Support 100% DOD, low temperature -10°C normal operation (optional)
Performance Parameters
Luce-Pro-5 Luce-Pro-10 Luce-Pro-15 Luce-Pro-20
Rated Capacity 5kWh 10kWh 15kWh 20kWh
Usable Capacity(100%DOD) 5kWh 10kWh 15kWh 20kWh
Maximum Charge/Discharge Current 100A/100A 180A/180A 200A/200A 200A/200A
Communication Method CAN 2.0/RS485
DC Disconnect "Disconnect Switches, 250A, 80V Rating
Maximum Charge/Discharge Round Trip Efficiency >98%
Expandable Capacity "Max. 3 parallel, Max. 60 kWh"
Operating temperature 14℉ to 122℉ (-10℃ to 50℃)
Dimensions (W*H*D,mm) 573*(597/912/1227/1542)*189
weights 65kg 115kg 165kg 215kg
Protection Rating IP65
Altitude <2000m
Cooling method natural cooling
Warranty 10 years
Certifications IEC62619/CE/CEI