Ue - C&I Distributed Liquid Cooling Outdoor Cabinet
Ue - C&I Distributed Liquid Cooling Outdoor Cabinet
Ue - C&I Distributed Liquid Cooling Outdoor Cabinet
User-friendly experience
Convenient operation and maintenance
Intelligent management
Distributed energy storage design; liquid cooling system Significantly saves heat management electricity for stations, reducing station electricity usage by 30%; liquid cooling heat management ensures battery longevity cycles, reducing LCOS by 20%, and increasing pure profit lifespan by over 3 years.
Embedded peak shaving and valley filling, demand management, storage and charging control, and various operational control modes are applicable to almost all industrial and commercial application scenarios.
All-in-one design for AC/DC, with simple basic construction, convenient installation, and connection to 400VAC AC grid; it can also boost and integrate into high-voltage grids.
Utilize UE intelligent EMS for cloud-edge integrated management; equipped with a user-friendly customer interaction interface to adjust open parameters.
Performance Parameters
Model 100kW/232kWh
◆ Battery Side Parameters
Battery Cell Type 280Ah (LFP)
Battery PACK Capacity 46kWh
Battery System Capacity 232kWh
Maximum Continuous Charge/Discharge Current 160A
Total Battery Voltage 650-949V
◆ Grid-tie Parameters
Rated Power 100kW
Maximum Operating Current 150A
Rated Grid Voltage 400V
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Total Current Harmonic Distortion <3% (rated power)
Power Factor >0.99 (rated power)
Adjustable Power Factor Range -1 (leading) to 1 (lagging)
Maximum Efficiency 89%