Embracing Open Development for Win-Win Cooperation

TDG Yunet's executive director, Gao Xuegong, along with his delegation, recently participated in a new energy enterprise exchange in Zaragoza, Spain. This visit included meetings with the Aragon Government and the University of Zaragoza, culminating in the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) aimed at establishing enduring strategic partnerships for advancing new energy development in the Aragon region. The event was attended by key figures including Gao Xuegong, Xu Kaida, Li Yuan from TDG Yunet, and Aragon's Jos Antonio Vicente and University Rector José Antonio Mayoral.

Spain, with its forefront position in Europe’s renewable energy sector, boasts significant renewable potential, especially in Aragon, noted for its exceptional wind and solar resources. The region enjoys over 3000 hours of wind energy and more than 2000 hours of solar energy annually, laying a solid foundation for sustainable development.

The TDG Yunet team's visit facilitated valuable dialogues with Spanish new energy companies, exploring future renewable energy opportunities and challenges in Aragon. These discussions led to initial cooperation agreements, setting the stage for leveraging collective industrial strengths to expand cooperation and create new opportunities.

The delegation's visit to the University of Zaragoza highlighted the importance of academic institutions in fostering technological innovation and transfer. Renowned for its contributions to renewable energy research, the university's engagement with TDG Yunet through an MOU promises to translate lab innovations into practical solutions, enhancing the conversion of scientific achievements.

Furthermore, discussions with the Aragon Government were productive, with TDG Yunet expressing a commitment to collaborative efforts in energy storage technology. Jos Antonio Vicente's enthusiastic response underscored Aragon's pivotal role in Spain's energy landscape and the mutual anticipation of sharing knowledge and resources to tackle energy challenges, providing sustainable solutions for residents, and fostering mutual growth.

The MOU signing ceremony was a testament to both parties' commitment to mutual benefits and green development, marking a historic moment of strategic collaboration. This partnership not only signifies a shared commitment to enhancing cooperation but also establishes a platform for joint efforts towards a greener future. Moving forward, both entities will deepen their understanding and fast-track cooperation efforts, heralding a new era of collaborative success.