A Green Future Woven with Light and Shadow | TDG Yunet Grandly Hosts New Energy Storage Summit in Aragon, Spain

In the dynamic era we inhabit, innovation resonates as the epoch's keynote, with new energy storage technology standing at the forefront of green development, garnering global attention. On February 13, 2024, TDG Yunet assembled a distinguished assembly of domestic and international new energy luminaries for a landmark new energy storage summit in Aragon, Spain. This summit took place at the Patio de la Infanta, a site brimming with over 600 years of history and the Renaissance's illustrious legacy, serving as a grand backdrop to this event.

The summit drew the enthusiastic participation of hundreds of professionals from diverse sectors, including high-ranking officials from the Spanish government, trailblazers from the new energy industry, and esteemed academicians like the Governor of Aragon, the Rector of the University of Zaragoza, and the Dean of the Engineering College. Their attendance not only elevated the summit's stature but also broadened the horizons for Sino-Western cooperation in new energy.

Under the theme "Converging Wisdom's Light, Envisioning a Green Future," the summit became a crucible for sharing both domestic and global advancements in energy storage. It also spotlighted TDG and TDG Yunet's avant-garde technologies and products, captivating attendees and kindling broad-based enthusiasm for the sector's future trajectory.

Leadership voices, including José Antonio Vicente, Aragon's Director of Foreign Trade, articulated the vast potential for Sino-Western collaboration in new energy storage. He underscored the synergy between both sides’ technological strengths, market needs, and shared visions for growth. Additionally, insights into Spain’s renewable energy advancements and future directions were shared, highlighting the nation's commitment to leveraging its rich solar and wind resources for energy structure optimization and fostering a green, low-carbon economy.

Xu Kaida, Deputy General Manager of TDG Yunet, delivered the closing remarks, outlining TDG’s extensive new energy industrial strategy and TDG Yunet's innovative storage solutions across various applications. His address not only reflected the companies' formidable prowess in new energy technology but also broadcasted a global message: On the journey toward sustainable development, TDG and TDG Yunet are dedicated to continuous innovation, contributing China's strength to the global energy transition.

This summit transcended being merely an industry forum; it emerged as a pivotal conduit for enhancing Sino-Western cultural exchange and mutual comprehension. Through such international cooperation and dialogue, we are confident that new energy storage technology will persist in its innovative trajectory, offering Chinese wisdom and solutions for the global energy shift and sustainable progress, jointly powering a greener future.