Apolo-2752 - Liquid Cooling Battery Container System
Apolo-2752 - Liquid Cooling Battery Container System
Apolo-2752 - Liquid Cooling Battery Container System
2752kWh/4170kWh Dimensions (W x H x D):6,058*2,438*2,591mm Weight: ≈ 2.8t / 4.5t
Rack level control solution solves the problem of loop current between racks, improves the availability of batteries by 7%, and supports the mixing of old and new batteries and phased deployment, and reduces LCOS by 20% during its lifetime.
Extraordinary safety, five level safety design, dual fire protection, with combustible gas emission and explosion venting design.
Local / remote monitoring and maintenance support through mobile phones .
Support plug-and-play combination of two containers, flexibly suitable for the application of large energy storage power stations.
Performance Parameters
1500/2752 1500/4170
◆ Cell
Chemistry LFP LFP
Specifications 3.2V/280Ah 53.2V/314Ah
Rated C-rate 0.5CP 0.5CP
Max C-rate >1CP >0.5CP
Cycle Life 10000 cycles @25℃,0.5CP/0.5CP 10000 cycles @25℃,0.5CP/0.5CP
◆ Battery Pack
Configuration 1P48S 1P104S
Rated Voltage 153.6V 332.8V
Nominal Energy 43kWh 104.499kWh
◆ Battery Container System
DC Round Trip Efficiency (0.5CP) > 93% > 93%
Rated Voltage 1228.8V1331.2V
Operating Voltage 1075.2 ~ 1382.4V1164.8~1497.6V
Rated C-rate 0.5CP
Operating Temperature -30℃~ 60℃
AltitudeMaximum 3000m (Derating over 3000m)
Fire SuppressionWater FSS/Aerosol(Optional)
Battery Management System (BMS)3 levels +Passive balance 200mA (Active balance 2A optional)
Communication InterfaceCAN/RS485/Ethernet
Communication InterfaceCAN/RS485/Ethernet
Communication ProtocolModbus-RTU/Modbus-TCP/IEC 61850
Standards & ComplianceNFPA68/69,NFPA855,GB36276,IEC62619,IEC62933,UN38.3 ,UN3536,UL1973,UL9540A
IP RatingIP55/NEMA 3R